a space

to breathe

SLOW FOLKS is an art movement with one goal: to encourage everyone to slow down. It is an open invitation to take a gentle pause from our daily hustle. 


When we slow down, we get an opportunity to reboot and recover, to see things clearer, and hopefully appreciate life a little bit better.


Not to be confused with being lazy or stoic, it's simply about living in the now. Through thoughtfully designed pieces for your space, Slow Folks aspires to impart a more mindful life to everyone who needs it. 


Slowing down for one’s self, for others, and for the rest of the world.


a slower


A slow life does not end within ones self but shared with the rest of the world.  All products are either produced by hand by the artist herself, or by local craftsmen in small-batches, all with sustainability and ethics in mind.  


Prints are produced on demand to minimise overstocks, damage and wastes. Each design is printed on uncoated, sustainable, FSC-Certified 300 GSM Art Paper made fully from natural fibers, including 40% recycled materials, leaving each sheet with unique little specs that add character to the piece.

10% of proceeds from any purchase is allotted for different causes in partnership with individual organisations.


time in design

A A self-taught illustrator and graphic designer, Slow Folks constantly finds ways to share her life’s pursuit to live a slower, more mindful life. She considers her art as an open invitation, both to herself and her audience, to take a gentle pause from life’s fast pace. Ambiguous but not anonymous, she prefers to detach her personal identity with her work and instead focus on sharing her core.  Highly influenced by feminism, minimalism, yoga and astrology, her art often features a rawness and simplicity through the female form, nature and abstraction.  She currently resides in Manila, Philippines.