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product development, packaging design and copywriting

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Pink Texture

Barefaced by Bench is a clean, cruelty free skin care line for every skin. It is all about that feel-good, no-fuss beauty you need to confidently face the world; everything you need to be your best self without having to excessively invest and gamble on expensive products you’ve never tried before.

Enjoying Natural Ingredients


to recreate the brand's skincare line by offering a beginner-friendly yet function-driven, affordable yet well-designed set of products that can easily be expanded and layered as you learn more about you and your skin

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Celebrating simplicity and natural beauty vs perfection, the brand took a complete overhaul with a modern look,  an easy and relevant product line and a price range to cater to the masses.

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Use of symbols for a subtle action driver to user. This also makes categorising products easier 

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Colors are used as indicators of the product line and skin type so product pairing and selection  is easier for the user

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